Why It Is Worth It

North Atlantic Ocean, Straits of Florida –
January 20, 2020 –

Cold and wet and tired – there are moments when I am asking myself “What the hell am I doing this for?”

And usually the answer is just a moment away. 

All day the weather is lousy. You know there is a front coming up behind you that will bring cold air and near gale force winds. The seas are building up. 

The Gulf Stream is pushing, the waves are rocking, the wind is howling. Soon I will cross the main shipping lane that connects the Gulf with the Atlantic, so no sleep ahead. Just finished the sunset routine, got dressed up for the night – heavy weather gear. 

Too rocky to cook, a few cookies must do for dinner. Exhausted and no sleep ahead for a long time either. Still wet from the spray and the last rain. Surprisingly cold for the area… 

Then I look up, hypnotic colors make you dizzy, few powerful sun rays warm your skin and your soul. And you know this is the prize! You feel powerful, king of the world. Pity those on land in their warm houses and bars and restaurants enjoying great meals or having sundowner drinks not knowing what they are missing out. These moments have the power to carry you through the most challenging passage.