Deprived of the Sunset

This photo was taken on November 08, 2019 just a few nautical miles west of Dominica. I headed north making use of the trade winds on my way from Martinique to Guadeloupe. I remember this was a stop-and-go passage. 

The wind in these latitudes is constantly, strongly coming from the northeast. When you are in the lee of the high volcanoes (~1.500 m/5.000 ft) of the Lesser Antilles you have trouble catching any. I could have taken a route further offshore but I was targeting the cell service of those islands so I had to make a compromise. Then all of a sudden when I got between the islands the funnel effect would accelerate the wind to near-gale force within minutes. Stop and go.

During this stop-and-go passage, the entire afternoon I was looking forward for the sunset. The skies were absolutely clear with an exception of just the powerful clouds piling up around the mighty volcanoes.

And while I was getting my gear ready for what I thought would become a stunning sunset, one of those squalls suddenly made it over the mountains and pressed on the lee side of the island, ruthlessly depriving me of my sunset.

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