Passage Briefing: Havana – Isla Mujeres

Port of Departure: Marina Hemingway, Havana, Cuba
Port of Call: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Distance: 268 nm (308 mi, 496 km)
Estimated Duration: 67 hrs (2 d 19 hrs)
ETD: Thursday, Mar 12 13:00 UTC-4
ETA: Sunday, Mar 15 07:00 UTC-5


The moderate high (1024 HPa) sitting south of the Florida Panhandle is most influential for the current weather situation here in Cuba and in the southern Mexican Gulf. It shovels dry easterly winds into our area and enhances the flagging Trade Winds.

This means for us:
Easterly winds (ENE to SE) 3-4 Bft, only moderate gust activity, no squalls expected

Sea State

E 2 m ( 7 ft) in the open ocean, 1 m (3 ft) closer to shore and in lee of Cuba


Air: H29ºC (84ºF) L21ºC (70ºF)
Sea: 24ºC-25ºC (76ºF)


<0,2 m (1 ft): insignificant


No storm warnings/alerts in effect.
No hurricane warnings/alerts in effect.


– Narrow channel leading to safe water buoy in Havana
– Reefs near Punta Alonsa de Rojas and Cabo Buenavista
– Reefs south of TSS Los Colorados
– TSS Los Colorados and Banco San Antonio
– Half-submerged wrecks near anchorage at Isla Mujeres

Alternative Ports/Anchorages

– Bahia Honda: 22º57’N 083º10’W
– Cancun: 21º14’N 086º 48’W


I expect a smooth passage on downwind/broad reach courses. With the seas hitting the boat from behind we will experience slightly increased boat movements. I expect slight offset caused by current setting north at 2 kts in Gulf of Guanahacabibes and Yukatan Channel.

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