Birth of a Solo Sailor – The Book

It is done!

Birth of a Solo Sailor – A Voyage between Solitude and Loneliness” is now available on Amazon as ebook, paperback b&w and paperback in color. It is also available on Apple Books as ebook.

“Birth of a Solo Sailor” will take you on a sailing voyage from the equatorial rainforest in Suriname to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. It is divided into three parts:

Part One: “On a Mission” covers the fast pace segment from Domburg, Suriname to Key West, Florida, USA fulfilling my promise to deliver the dogs Cap’n Jack and Scout home safely.

In Part Two: “Culture Clash” I am on home leave in Germany, experiencing irritation and confusion in a world that I had entirely estranged from.

Part Three: “Pandemics and Hurricanes” is all about sailing in tough times and vicious waters. It will take us to the infamous waters of the Straits of Florida, Yucatan Channel and the Gulf of Mexico.

You won’t be just able to read this book from the comfortable passenger seat. In the multiple-choice episodes you will be asked to choose your fate and take decisions that will dramatically change the course of events: Do you reef for the night to be safe from those fierce squalls? Or will you proceed under full sails to outrun that tropical depression that is forming behind you?

The fate of ship and crew depend on you, sailor!

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