The Boat and Her Captain

Take a 40 ft heavy-duty steel ketch and a badass sailor determined to escape the rat race and you will have the perfect formula for freedom and adventure.

The Team

Seefalke and I are the perfect team. Taken apart from each other, Seefalke would just be a piece of worthless scrap metal, and I would be a helpless, pathetic land critter, both of us doomed to drown miserably.

But together we merge to a proud and powerful unit. Together we can sail the oceans and see the world. Together we will withstand malicious storms and endless calms. Together we have the courage to overcome our fears and venture out into uncharted waters and foreign lands again and again and again…

No woman will divide us, no earthly pleasures will corrupt us. We stand together and, when it will be our turn, we’ll go down as one. It’s her who makes the man a captain.

The Boat

S/V Seefalke is a 40 ft steel ketch built in 1974. She was built by the Dutch boat builder Jachtbouw Noord as Seahawk 37. Her empty net weight is just 9 tons, her bluewater cruising weight almost 12 tons.

With her center cockpit and her high flush deck she sails extremely dry and safely. Hardly any spray makes it into the cockpit. She has a long keel that is flattened on the bottom so that she can easily fall dry in tidal waters. Almost 50% of her net weight are inside the keel giving her extreme stability despite the low draft of just 1.4 m.

She sure is not a racer but a reliable and trustable heavy weather boat. She likes strong winds more than light winds that would hardly move her. She is equipped with a 62 hp diesel engine, 700 W solar power and 400 W wind power.

Together we have sailed more than 10,000 nautical miles so far.

The Skipper

Born in 1977 I have started to love the sea when I was in the Federal German Navy in the 1990s. I proudly served my military time on board FGS Rommel, a guided missile destroyer, including some lengthy missions abroad.

After that I studied Business and Engineering at the Dresden University of Technology and the Technical University of Saint Petersburg, worked several years for a major German pump manufacturer until I founded my own business in 2015.

Three years later I set sail to escape the rat race and sail the world. I have two kids who occasionally join me on my voyage. Today I have a record of approximately 37,000 nautical miles at sea and counting.